IT Outsourcing

Fusion Managed IT offers a complete IT outsourcing solution that monitors and manages your entire IT environment. Adopting a Managed Services solution with Fusion Managed IT offers several key advantages for your business:

We are more experienced!

With over 50 years of combined experience in managing enterprise level IT services, Fusion Managed IT is bringing enterprise discipline and standardization to the small business market.

Fusion supports clients locally, nationwide, and across the globe providing the depth and breadth of experience that your IT environment needs.

We free you to focus on your business!

Our 24/7 Network Operations Center monitors all servers and PCs all the time providing you with the most proactive support available. Fusion will solve the problems before you even know they exist.

Fusion interfaces with your business partners and vendors to ensure your entire IT environment is interconnected and running smoothly. When we say we are your one-stop shop solution for IT – we mean it! Fusion can take IT completely off your hands, allowing more time to focus on core competencies, revenue building activities and growth.

We save you money!

Are you tired of scrambling every three or four years to find capital necessary to upgrade and replace IT equipment? Fusion is able to provide your entire IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Fusion keeps your office environment running smoothly and reduces costly downtime by staying on top of patches, hotfixes, and using the best combination of tools to keep your environment free from SPAM, viruses, and other IT nuisances.

Fusion will become your strategic IT partner, keeping a forward schedule on PC replacements and data growth, and ensuring your human resources are productive by eliminating hardware problems.